VisionEast Business Platform

Our members will benefit from our World Class Cultural and Business Vision that has already touched many lives in UK and Turkiye. With our Social Responsibility focus we have found the perfect balance between the academic knowledge with practical professional expertise to provide you sustainable solution which will create your legacy as well as making money.

Reputation design is our expertise, and we hope you would consider our advice to shape how world gets to know you.

Our Membership Options:


General Members

A monthly payment of £500 will provide you monthly hourly consultation and sector monthly zoom meetings.


Minimum contract is yearly, and will be asked to renew in each year with an evaluation report of our work.


Premium Members

A £1000 monthly membership requires a teamwork of each company to create and execute an project with full force. Each request is dealt individually.


For more details, please get in touch with our UK headquarters.



We can create partnership on the terms that are beneficial for all the stake holders.



For collaboration and cooperation requests please get in touch.


Personal Pack

Life coaching, and strategy planning tailored around the customer.


  • One to one consultation x 6 
  • 24/7 communication
  • Update option

Business Pack

Opportunity to have one to seminar with the sector of your desire.


  • Report of tailor made project
  • Membership for a year
  • 2 consultation meetings free of charge
You are welcome to take advantage of the free consultation we offer to discuss the support we could provide you on your journey to success.